With the permission of Bee, I’m starting the OBIT, Old Bitches In Training, a sister/daughter group of the OBLT.

It will function similarly to the OBLT, but is meant for those of us not old enough to participate in that group, who still want the friendships and fun and lovelyness that the OBLT provides.

To be a member: must be 16-19 years old, at least 70% 1D blog, and have a no-hate policy.

You don’t need to follow me, (though you are certainly welcome to!) simply drop a note in my ask and I’ll add you to the directory. If you have a blog that focuses on one member more than others, let me know and I’ll list you appropriately!

Also, the tag for the group is “1dobit.” (I would have gone with plain old “obit” but, sadly, that tag is full of obituaries!)

Ready to be part of these shenanigans? I thought so!

Reblog to spread the word!

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